Cedar Holding Capital

Cedar Holding Capital, through the funds it manages, identifies and invests in joint ventures with successful companies that are ripe for regional and/or international expansion, either organically or through mergers and acquisitions. It also invests in companies whose performance can be optimized through financial and/or operational restructuring. The private equity funds we raise are used to acquire sustainable, asset-backed businesses in essential industries that can be transformed through fundamental change. We search for opportunities which have been overlooked. We actively seek out investments in sectors which may be out of favor and in businesses which have been under-managed or under-capitalized.

In addition, We assist clients in reviewing and structuring strategic transactions/ investments, in which it may participate.

We create superior returns by transforming the strategy, operations and finances of our businesses to make them best-in-class.

We achieve this by using five key drivers: changing strategy; strengthening management; lowering the cost of capital; developing through capital expenditure; and building through mergers and acquisitions.

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